Wine Folly Region Guides

Wine Folly Region Guides

Folly Enterprises began developing the “Region Guide” B2B product in 2020, and I produced the first ten guides.  Combining technical information about a Region’s wine growing and specializations with the vast information repository of the GWDB (Global Wine Database), Folly was able to connect the region’s producers directly to wine drinkers around the world.  My […]

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Ukrainian internment prisoners during WWI in Canada

Left In The Cold

Produced in 2019, Left In The Cold is a multi-media project looking at the events of WWI in Canada, focusing on the internment of Ukrainians across the country. Nominated for a Canadian Association of Journalists award, the project included journalists Alanna Page and Huyana Cyprien. The project is still live and available for viewing –

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Canada Craft Club

The Canada Craft Club is a curated beer delivery established in 2016. Each delivery to a customer includes a postcard of the beers they’ve received which tells them about the brewery and detailed breakdown of the beer’s characteristics. To date I have written over 700 of these individual cards. Here’s an example of a recent

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Trust Me (Film)

Trust Me is a short film developed for the Calgary-based “Cops 4 Kids” program. The film was the second collaboration I did with Perfect Pictures production company. At the time, Cops 4 Kids was addressing the problem of shoplifting among teens, especially girls, which had a high correlation with drug use later in life. C4K

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LuxeMeta was a Crypto-based game development company focused on bringing cryptocurrency into the multiplayer gaming space. Their first project was a racing game that combined crypto-staking and NFT ownership. They approached me to begin their Content Marketing push. I wrote four articles for the group. Below is an example of the type of work I

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Wine Folly Steak Guide

Wine Folly Creative

Writing articles was one of the many roles I had at Folly Enterprises. The most common method was taking popular topics discovered from our Google Analytics and SEO work and developing articles around them. I curated over 1100 articles about wine for Folly and added many where topics were lean or needed to be updated.

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Qualicare HomeCare

Working with QualiCare in their early days, I helped build out a series of articles aimed at part-time carers who didn’t have the benefit of full training. Articles focused on ways to ease caregiving and find support from services in Alberta to make part-time care easier and more accessible. Below is an example of an

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My Viva Healthcare

My Viva Health Care

Working with Dargie Creative, I wrote pamphlet copy for their materials released during the convention season at the beginning of 2023. My Viva has focused on the healthcare app space for the past decade. Concept work for the pamphlet highlighted the “Health Coaching” elements of their app. They pushed for a massive upscaling of their

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