Hello, my name is

Crom Larson

Writer and Editor - Creative/Technical

About me

I am admirer of great writing that inspires people. I live in Calgary, I work around the world.

For nearly two decades, I've written Creative and Technical content for Education, Healthcare, Sports, and more.

At the core of all communication is a human need, and everything we create must serve another. I elevate the audience’s goals and ambitions through great writing and stories.

My work is about understanding the audience – to make them laugh, cry, discover new paths and methods, and engage with life. From site copy to newsletters, educational articles, travel tips, and everything that helps you engage your mission to reach people, I work to deliver the most engaging story.

What I do

Understanding the needs of your audience – whether it’s education, employee training, or content marketing – I develop materials that are clear and effective.

Writing & Editing

Compelling and clear writing are essential elements of communicating with an audience. Whether your audience comes to learn, to be entertained, or both, that connection lives or dies with understanding.


Once your audience connects with you, the opportunities to offer them your services, excellent goods, amazing content, or deep learning can open up. The customer's needs can be met with deeper understanding and more effective marketing.

Data Analysis

Clear communication and effective marketing deliver results that I measure through content performance, completion metrics, and all the available tools to gauge success. Leveraging data-driven metrics allows for agile responses to the audience, feeding into the content development cycle.


Copywriting & Editing

Content Marketing


Data Analysis & Google Analytics

Process & Procedure Creation

Audio/Video Production


My Experience


Folly Enterprises

Content Specialist

Accountable for researching, creating, and optimizing high-quality content that aligned with the target audience across the online learning platform and social channels. Performed a broad spectrum of duties, including copywriting, editing, SEO implementation, data analytics, and content strategy/calendar development.


Dynamic Capital INC

Online Services Manager

Primary producer of Marketing Content and Internal Documentation. Copywriter for all site content, newsletters, and press releases.


Pure Cycle

Inventory Manager

Supported inventory movement between stores, developed internal documentation and training on inventory systems for staff.