Canada Craft Club

The Canada Craft Club is a curated beer delivery established in 2016. Each delivery to a customer includes a postcard of the beers they’ve received which tells them about the brewery and detailed breakdown of the beer’s characteristics. To date I have written over 700 of these individual cards.

Craft Club beer card

Here’s an example of a recent beer card:

Yukon Gold

English Pale Ale

Two buddies had an idea as they sat around the fire after a day paddling their canoe. They wanted to build a brewery for the Territory in the North. Something that captured the best spirit of the Yukon and helped to support those who lived and worked there. They decided to brew craft beer. Alan and Bob have changed the gears on the machine a few times, but the same mission has kept them going for nearly 30 years. Today they still operate Yukon Brewing, making good beer and employing good people in Whitehorse to brew it. It’s taken some time, but their beer is starting to make its way across the provinces and even across the oceans, arriving in the beer coolers of all good hearted folk. A dozen craft beers come out of the brewery now (more often in summer time) and each is a Northern take on a classic style.

The Yukon Gold is the number one selling draught in the Yukon. Clean, bright flavour with mild hops and a dry finish, this beer is the perfect complement to a crisp day. Serves well at 6° and can cellar for up to six months.

Yukon Brewing
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Malts: 5-malt Blend
Hops: Saaz, Sterling and UK Golding

ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 10
ML: 473
Tiny Glass: Classic pint
SRM: 4

How It looks: Pours a beautiful golden colour with a clear body and light carbonation. A thin layer of tight bubbles caps the top.

How it smells: A subtle aroma on this beer, but deep whiffs will pick up a slightly sweet, lightly toasted malt aroma with caramel and confectioner’s sugar around it, and the barest whiff of leafy hops.

Food pairing: Perfect for the charcuterie board or BBQ chicken!

How it tastes: An incredible mild and slightly malty flavour. This is a clean, bright, straight across the plate English pale ale – the hops are mild to almost non-existent, the sweetness is easy on the palate, and it eases off the throttle right after take off. A very laid back, tasty golden ale. The finish is slightly dry, which helps cut off the taste, but you may want to jump back in right away for another.