Wine Folly Region Guides

Wine Folly Region Guides

Folly Enterprises began developing the “Region Guide” B2B product in 2020, and I produced the first ten guides. 

Combining technical information about a Region’s wine growing and specializations with the vast information repository of the GWDB (Global Wine Database), Folly was able to connect the region’s producers directly to wine drinkers around the world. 

My role in developing the guides was part Project Manager, Technical writer, Copyeditor, Video editor, and Publisher. In collaboration with Master of Wine Christine Marsiglio, I shaped how the guide could help users seeking regional education, planning vacations, prospective wine distributors discover producers, and help novice wine drinkers discover their next favorite bottle. 

Links to the 10 Region Guides I helped build:

Sicily Region Guide
Napa Valley Guide
Walla Walla Guide
Bordeaux Region Guide
Paso Robles Region Guide
Conegliano Valdobbiadene Guide
New York Region Guide
Argentina Region Guide
Alto Adige Region Guide
Margaret River Region Guide