LuxeMeta was a Crypto-based game development company focused on bringing cryptocurrency into the multiplayer gaming space. Their first project was a racing game that combined crypto-staking and NFT ownership. They approached me to begin their Content Marketing push. I wrote four articles for the group.

Below is an example of the type of work I did for them.

5 Ways Luxe Racing is Leveling Up NFT+Crypto Earning

Combining smart investing with gaming to super-charge money-making NFTs.


The time has come for NFTs to evolve past avatars and fine art, transforming into valuable, customizable commodities that grow in value. And while we’re at it, why not make it fun?

LUXE Racing is a revolutionary digital racing experience that combines NFTs and Cryptocurrency. The result? A racing game where the skill and time of the racer yield real value. Check out the five ways LUXE makes earning possible while keeping the pedal to the floor. 


  1. Managing NFTs and increasing value

    At the core of LUXE Racing is the player’s car. Each set of NFTs will have a limited window minting, and each set will include a rare limited edition with each minting. The player can customize their NFT to capitalize on their racing skills, reflect popular modding trends in the community, or even push the boundaries of the game.

    And the vehicles will naturally increase in value. The minting of new vehicles is time-limited, scales with the size of the user base, and the vehicles are unique. Minting occurs only once per model year.

    Luxe Racing has its own token, independently audited and running on the Binance Smart Chain. This chain benefits the users by keeping their initial investment costs low.

  2. Racing For Pink Slips

    Tokens and Vehicle NFT ‘Pink Slips’ (The token holding the NFT) will be available for wagering – lay your ride on the line. All NFTs are tradeable on the Luxe Racing marketplace or any other official third-party platform where LUXE NFTs are verified.

    Users can wager as a 3rd party – when the best racers are on track, the chance to win tokens or bet NFTs adds a layer of engagement in the community. Know the best racers, and you can make real money.

    New users can always access the free-to-play mode of the game to test out the tracks and learn the ins and outs of the game. Once they’re confident behind the wheel, they can invest in their first NFT vehicle and begin their rise up the leaderboard, wager on races, and participate in Tournaments.

    Once a racer is ready for the ultimate challenge, they can wager their NFT in a ‘pink slip’ race, putting their hard work up against their rival.

  3. Leaderboards and Community

    Luxe Racing will feature daily, weekly, and lifetime leaderboards where the best racers can earn race purses and even have sponsorship from the community. Luxe itself will offer up prizes, but planned development will give users the ability to independently sponsor a racer – loaning them an NFT to race in, providing them tokens, or sponsoring vehicle upgrades. Become your very own Team Owner!

  4. Tournaments

    A regular schedule of Tournaments will be held by the LUXE Team, using the various game modes and limited releases. Tournament prizes include cash and cryptocurrency, Limited Release NFT customizations, NFT airdrops, and more.

    Users will eventually be able to sponsor events or build their own unique Tournaments.

    Major events, including tournaments and sponsored races, can lead to serious bets and big wins. Livestream events with Twitch streamers open the door for professional-level racing and sponsorship.

  5. Head 2 Head

    A racing game is only complete with the purest form of competition – head-to-head racing. Your best friend or greatest rival can meet you at the track to settle who is #1.

    Users can race against each other for prestige or lay their Tokens and NFTs on the line. Spectators can get in on the action through direct betting or staking a racer.