Trust Me (Film)

Trust Me is a short film developed for the Calgary-based “Cops 4 Kids” program. The film was the second collaboration I did with Perfect Pictures production company. At the time, Cops 4 Kids was addressing the problem of shoplifting among teens, especially girls, which had a high correlation with drug use later in life. C4K […]

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LuxeMeta was a Crypto-based game development company focused on bringing cryptocurrency into the multiplayer gaming space. Their first project was a racing game that combined crypto-staking and NFT ownership. They approached me to begin their Content Marketing push. I wrote four articles for the group. Below is an example of the type of work I

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Wine Folly Steak Guide

Wine Folly Creative

Writing articles was one of the many roles I had at Folly Enterprises. The most common method was taking popular topics discovered from our Google Analytics and SEO work and developing articles around them. I curated over 1100 articles about wine for Folly and added many where topics were lean or needed to be updated.

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Qualicare HomeCare

Working with QualiCare in their early days, I helped build out a series of articles aimed at part-time carers who didn’t have the benefit of full training. Articles focused on ways to ease caregiving and find support from services in Alberta to make part-time care easier and more accessible. Below is an example of an

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